A reliable IP address API from Developers for Developers

Whois records, security blocklists, ASN data and IP geolocation data are integrated into an accurate and frequently updated IP Address API.

  • Accurate Hosting Detection
  • Tor, Abuser, Proxy and VPN Detection
  • IP to ASN and IP to Organization
  • Raw Whois Data

  "message": "Please make an API request",

Accurate IP address data from developers for developers. Fast lookups, frequently updated, actively maintained. 1,000 free API lookups per day.

Comprehensive Hosting Detection

By using a proprietary hosting detection algorithm, thousands of hosting providers and their IP ranges are tracked.

ASN information

ipapi.is provides the best and most updated ASN information on the market.


Several different geolocation providers are used to achieve a high geolocation accuracy.

"message": "Please make an API request",

Security Information

The API provides Tor, Proxy, VPN and Abuse Detection. Many different commercial and open source IP Address block-lists are used to source the data.

Organization Information

ipapi.is provides information for the organization that has ownership of the IP address.

Whois Data

Millions of public Whois records are used in the API for several different data points.


You can use ipapi.is from any programming language. Any IPv4 or IPv6 address can be queried by making a simple request to the endpoint


Quickly test the API by using the ubiquitous curl command from the terminal

              # open a new terminal / shell and then paste:
curl 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q='
# open a new terminal / shell and then paste: curl 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q='


Use the API from any browser easyily with JavaScript or from Node.js

  .then(res => res.json())
  .then(res => console.log(res));
fetch('https://ipapi.is/json/?q=') .then(res => res.json()) .then(res => console.log(res));


Of course you can also use Python with the requests module

                # install requests module first
import requests

url = 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q='
response = requests.get(url)
# install requests module first import requests url = 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q=' response = requests.get(url) print(response.json())


Integrate the API in PHP in your application with these lines

                $url = 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q='; 
echo file_get_contents($url);
$url = 'https://ipapi.is/json/?q='; echo file_get_contents($url);

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ipapi.is?

ipapi.is is a fast and accurate IP address API. It can be used to get meta information about any IPv4 and IPv6 address used in the Internet.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique numerical identifier assigned to every device connected to the Internet, used to identify and communicate with other devices on a network.

Why was ipapi.is developed?

The development of ipapi.is was primarily motivated by the need to obtain essential IP data for IT security products. In the field of IT security, it is often necessary to identify the organization or entity responsible for a particular IP address. Additionally, understanding the type of IP address, whether it belongs to an ISP, mobile, datacenter, TOR, proxy, or VPN, is crucial for effective traffic filtering.

While there are numerous IP address API services available, ipapi.is does not assert itself to be superior to others, and it is up to the user to evaluate its performance. However, given its origins in IT security, ipapi.is is committed to maintaining a high level of accuracy in its services. This dedication to precision ensures that users can rely on ipapi.is for dependable and trustworthy IP address data.

What are the use cases of the API?

Ways IP address data can be used:

  • Geolocation: determining the geographic location of a device connected to the internet.
  • IP reputation: identifying whether an IP address has been associated with spam or malicious activity.
  • Network troubleshooting: identifying connectivity issues and diagnosing network problems.
  • IT security: tracking the source of cyber attacks, and implementing security measures to prevent them.
  • Targeted advertising: using IP address data to target advertisements to specific regions or demographics.
  • Personalization: using IP address data to customize website content based on the visitor's geographic location.
  • Analytics: analyzing website traffic and visitor behavior based on their IP address.

How often is the API updated?

The core API data is updated every week. Some parts of the API are updated daily.

Can the API be rented as a whole?

Yes. ipapi.is can be rented in its entirety and hosted on your own infrastructure. To run ipapi.is effectively, a server with a minimum of 16GB of memory and 4 vCPUs is necessary. With these specifications, you can expect to have a capacity of approximately 3000 API lookups per second or 259 million lookups per day.

For a monthly fee of $200, you can rent the entirety of ipapi.is, which includes automatic updates and support. This allows you to have complete control and customization of the service while still receiving regular updates and assistance.

How accurate is the API?

It depends on the part of API output.

  • WHOIS data: Very accurate, since it comes directly from the source (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, AFRINIC, LACNIC)
  • Geolocation: Very accurate to the country level. Semi accurate to the city level
  • Datacenter detection: Quite accurate (much better than competitors)
  • TOR detection: Very accurate
  • Proxy and VPN detection: Semi accurate. Will not detect residential proxies or unknown VPN providers

Why should we use ipapi.is and not competitors?

You should test for yourself and not trust anyone. Some of the biggest strengths of ipapi.is are:

  • Hosting or datacenter detection
  • TOR detection
  • WHOIS data support
  • ASN metadata

How fast is the API?

Very fast. On average, a simple IP lookup takes 2ms of processing time. A server with 16GB of memory and 4 vCPUs will give you roughly 3000 API lookups per second or 259 million lookups per day.