19th May 2024

  • Add the abuse object to the API output
  • Improved Geolocation Accuracy (Added more geofeed files to the API)
  • Geocoding WHOIS addresses with Google Maps API now (Better Accuracy)

8th May 2024

  • Fixed new logo
  • Added VPN Exit Nodes from IPVanish to the API
  • Fixed design on iPhones and Safari

7th May 2024

  • Improved the dark mode CSS design
  • Created a new SVG logo for
  • Added improved API update functionality to reduce downtimes when updating the API
  • Added thousands of VPN exit nodes to the API (Including NordVPN, Mullvad, ProtonVPN, IPVanish)

9th March 2024

  • Updated the IP to Hosting Database page
  • Added millions of new networks to the WHOIS scraping pipeline in order to improve geolocation accuracy
  • Improved hosting detection accuracy
  • Improved geolocation accuracy

30th January 2024

21th January 2024

  • IP to ASN database can now be purchased for 49$ per month
  • Website was spell checked and grammatically improved
  • The backend documentation is substantially improved
  • Hosting Detection accuracy even better
  • Improved Receipts

29th December 2023

  • Better ASN type detection
  • Automatic deactivation of subscriptions in case of non-payment
  • Automatically adding data subscriptions
  • Uploaded new database

26th December 2023

  • Updated the FAQ on the website
  • Updated the databases
  • Added some admin tools on the backend of
  • Improved the type classification substantially for the company and asn object

22th December 2023

  • Unfortunately, there was an error in ASN data that originated from a invalid file names in crawled ASN WHOIS records. This error ocurred in the past 5 days. This error was fixed in this release.
  • ASN data quality was improved and all ASN WHOIS records were freshly crawled.
  • The database was updated.
  • The FAQ and frontpage was updated.