Business Subscription

This section describes in detail what the business subscription includes. The price for the business subscription is listed here. On a high level, the business subscription is consisted of:

  • Databases for Download
  • Software to self host the API in your own infrastructure

Databases for Download

On a high level, the business subscription gives you access to all of the data that is used in the API. Database formats are either in CSV, JSON or MMDB. Those databases are:

  • IP to Location Database - As shown in the location object in the API
  • IP to ASN Database - The data is displayed in the asn object in the API
  • IP to Hosting Database - The data is used in the datacenter object and is_datacenter field in the API
  • IP to Organization Database - Represented in the company object in the API
  • IP to Abuse Database - Data as shown in the abuse object in the API
  • IP to VPN Database - sources the is_vpn field
  • Abuser IP Database- sources the is_tor, is_proxy and is_abuser fields
  • And other, smaller databases

Source Code for Self Hosting the API

The business subscription furthermore includes source code to run the API in your own infrastructure. The source code is programmed in NodeJS and is well tested on Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 24.04 operating systems.

The software needs around 6-7 GB of RAM for one instance. Two instances will thus need a server of at least 16GB RAM. This large requirement for RAM is caused by the in-memory database that uses. Without keeping data in RAM, extremely fast IP lookup speeds would not be possible.